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Whitewater World

As far as Gold Coast attractions go, it doesn’t get much better than Whitewater World, if you’re looking for a fun experience that the kids will remember for years to come, then Whitewater World will certainly provide it.

Located right next to Dreamworld, Whitewater World is the perfect park to keep both kids and adults cool this summer. This enormous waterslide park has enough to keep everyone happy all day long, Whitewater World features six major rides as well as lots of other cool areas for play.

The Blue ringed Octopus (BRO) ride consists of eight connected slide runs that start at a height of 16 metres and through twists and turns reach speeds of up to 50km p/hr. Riders use specially designed sled mats to race against each other along the 120m of slide to see who reaches the bottom first, this is a fantastic racing slide that keeps the heart racing as well.

The Cave of Waves is a wave pool over 2600 square metres in size and produces waves up to 1.5 metres high, a big hit with everyone who attends the park you’ll enjoy every minute as if you were at the beach, minus the sand. Kept at a very comfortable 26 degrees Celsius, and large enough for a whale to stretch out you’ll be body surfing in no time.

Named by surfers as the “Green Room”, the deepest part of a wave is so called because this is where the surfer is completely surrounded by walls of water, thanks to Whitewater World you don’t have to be a hard core surfer to enjoy this awe inspiring experience.
This massive funnel ride sits 20 metres above the ground and uses a specially designed 4 person cloverleaf tube to propel riders down a 75 metre tunnel with vertical banks through the 15 metre funnel and dropping out the bottom. Definitely one for the thrill seekers!

The Hydrocoaster is more than 230 metres of sheer terror, using a special three person raft this is THE rollercoaster of waterslides. The Hydrocoaster uses open tubes and fully enclosed flumes to create stomach churning drops and head spinning twists and turns as it fires it’s three rider rocket raft along at frightening speeds.

For the little ones there are also many fun things to do at White water world, the Nickelodeon Pipeline Plunge has over 100 great water activities such as water canons and geysers, four flume water slides and climbing structures. There is also a huge bucket that regularly dumps 1000 litres of water on eagerly awaiting participants.

Of course these are just some of the fun things to do at White water world, please note there are height restrictions for rides, so be sure to check before riding.

You can find more information, and buy tickets online right here by clicking the image below....


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