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Heron Island Dives

Diving on Heron Island Diving with the Turtles

Heron Island of course has more dives than the 20 dives we have listed here, but we thought we'd peak your interest with the ones we thought were the best

The 20 Legendary Dives of Heron Island:

1. Fifth Point – Only recently discovered, Fifth Point ranges in depth from 6 to 20 metres and is the farthest site from the harbour. Fifth Point boasts pristine coral and some real action packed diving.

2. Second Point - Lies at a depth of 10 to 12 metres and runs along a wide sweeping bay, it offers a wide range of small fish in crystal clear water and is ideal for photography.

3. First Point – Is between 5 and 14 metres deep and has a scattering of coral Bommies with overhangs that teem with life, here you will find pelagics, turtles, rays and sharks.

4. Walt’s Bommie – Is a 14 metre deep, mainly flat sandy bottom that surrounds a number of scattered Bommies. On this dive you can encounter the endangered Green Turtles and Loggerhead Turtles, Reef Sharks and a wealth of colourful Nudibranchs.

5. Libbie’s Lair – An 8 to 18 metre deep honeycomb of caves and swimthroughs that is simply packed with large coral reef fish species, a very intricate and enjoyable dive.

6. Tenements 1 – Between 7 and 20 metres, this magnificent dive consists of many gullies, swimthroughs and grottos, there is also a huge Blue Footed Anemone and about thirty Clown Fish that live at this site.

7. Tenements 2 – At 13 to 20 metres, this is a horseshoe shaped shelf with a sheer drop that goes down to 20 metres that is blanketed by Black Tipped Fusilier Drummer and Yellowtail Fish.

8. Coral Cascades – Can be done as a single dive or combine it with a drift dive along the impressive coral wall to Tenements 1, this dive ranges in depth between 5 and 16 metres.

9. North Bommie – Is a huge Bommie that is used by the larger locals (the underwater kind) as a cleaning stop, at 10 -20 metres depth, you can regularly find Magnificent Mantas and White Tipped Reef Sharks.

10. Blue Pools – This little bay among the coral has crystal clear waters and is the perfect spot to start or end a drift dive running East/West at 6 to 8 metres.

11. Hole in the Wall – This large bommie is split into 3 parts with a swimthrough and runs along the reef edge. At 9 to 18 metres depth, here you can come across large Maori Wrass, Moray Eels, Sharks and Mantas.

12. Coral Grotto – Also affectionately known as Turtle Grotto, here you can find a huge population of Turtles. They’ll generally be sleeping, feeding, swimming around or just generally doing Turtle things.

13. Plate Ledge – So named due to the number of plate or tabletop corals in this area, it is a truly impressive dive site at 8 to 16 metres.

14. Gorgonia Hole – Lying at a depth of 7 to 16 metres, this spectacular reef edge boasts an abundance of Gorgonia and Fan corals where you can sight Mantas, Reef Sharks and Turtles.

15. The Junction – At 7 to 16 metres, this site was long forgotten but recently re-discovered and has a splendid display of corals as well as Morays, Turtles and Crayfish in abundance.

16. Pams Point – This seasonal Manta Ray dive (at a depth of 8 to 16 metres) can provide a mind blowing experience with a resident Queensland Blue Groper in addition to the Manta Rays.

17. Heron Bommie – At 5 to 20 metres in depth, this is one of the most photographed dive sites in Australia. The resident marine life consists of Schooling Jacks, Barracuda, Moray Eels, Strawberry Hussars, Sharks, Mantas and Eagle Rays. Located only 2 minutes from the harbour, it is easily accessible and a fantastic dive opportunity.

18. Pam’s Point to Heron Bommie – This drift dive is truly spectacular, and very little effort required as you can just let go of the reef and watch as you pass by a kaleidoscope of colours, 5 to 20n metres.

19. Last Mooring – 10 metres deep and boasting an impressive array of schooling bait fish, Wobbygong Sharks and Painted Crays, these elaborate coral formations provide a showcase of the diversity of this site of the area.

20. The Cliffs – Is an an adventurous dive from 12 to 30 plus metres and offers a fantastic wall and gently sloping bottom where you will find a veritable Garden of Eden.

Photo: Supplied


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