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lady Elliot Island Dives

Lady Elliot Island is blessed with dive sites that are both beautiful and pristine, there are a number of sites that boast a variety of marine life and stunning corals. An underwater camera is essential if you want to capture memories of these beautiful underwater havens.

The Blow Hole is one of the most popular sites on Lady Elliot Island and for good reason, the main cavern is about twenty metres long and is home to some eyecatching fish such as Lion Fish, Wobbegongs and Gnome Fish. The Blow Hole lies on the eastern side of the island with two entrances, divers can access the Blow Hole either by the top of the reef at 14-16 metres or the main entrance, which is a 20-25 metre opening in the reef wall.

Hiro’s cave is another popular dive site on the island which is populated by a variety of fish such as Titan Trigger Fish, Sweetlip, Painted Flutemouth and more. This ‘cave’ is actually a large overhang, slightly smaller than the Blow Hole also has two entrances, both at 24 metres depth and boasts giant fans of Gorgonia or ‘Fire Coral’ on the main wall and Pelagics are often spotted in the deeper water nearby.

Lighthouse Bommie sits at a depth of 14-15M, you can dive the Lighthouse Bommie from either a boat or directly from the shore, this set of coral heads lies just 100 meters from the shore. Swim amongst the majestic manta rays which frequent this area throughout the year and marvel at their size, some more than four meters from end to end. Other marine creatures also populate this area such as Moray Eels, Bull Rays, Coral Trout, Small White Tip Reef Sharks.

The Three Pyramids is accessed by a short cruise from the western side of the island, it is a cluster of three large coral heads which are known as Bommies. There is a permanent mooring which can be easily descended to bring you almost directly on top of the first of the Bommies which is home to Cardinals, Anemone Fish, Turtles and Eagle Rays. At 18 metres, The Three Pyramids is best done as a drift dive, because depending on the flow of the current you can float out to the Anchor Bommies or the Outer Scatters for more great dive sites.

The Anchor Bommies consists of two ancient Admiralty anchors which rest on the ocean floor; this dive is considered the ultimate dive site at Lady Elliot Island. The anchors are covered in both hard and soft corals, the Anchor Bommies is also home to Manta Rays, Cleaner Shrimp, Purple Leafy Scorpion Fish and the large Shovelled Nosed Ray.

The Coral Gardens lie at a depth of 12 metres and if you enjoy a night dive then this one may be for you, head out to the Coral Gardens, a spectacular site to encounter the nocturnal Painted Cray as well as a myriad of other snoozing marine creatures, a truly stunning experience not to be missed.
Just 14 metres north of the Coral Gardens is the Maori Wrasse Bommie, this site is accessed by a rope trail that takes you through the area. The site is named after a family of Parrot fish (the other name for Maori Wrasse) that frequent this delightful area. If you continue along the coral wall from here you will encounter Spyders Ledge, so named because of the sheer number of these shells that can be found in the area. Spyders Ledge is home to barramundi Cod and the ever popular Clown Fish as well as a variety of Sea Anemone.

'Encounters' is an excellent afternoon drift dive that is thick with marine life and populated with large plate and staghorn outcrops of coral. ‘Encounters’ is known as a place popular with the Manta Rays that call the waters surrounding Lady Elliot Island home. This dive is a maximum depth of 12 meters and you will also spot clusters of Spangled Emperor, Redthroat, Rabbit fish, Blue Angelfish and a couple of Moorish Idols.


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