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Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, at 123km long and 22km wide at it widest point it is an ecological marvel. Fraser Island is the only place where you can see giant rainforest trees growing right out of the sand.
The freshwater lakes on Fraser Island are incredible, some are stained the colour of tea while others have pristine clear water, and all are edged by perfect white sand.
Being entirely made of sand you would expect some quality sand dunes on Fraser Island, and you won’t be disappointed.
Beautifully coloured Sand cliffs and dunes up to 240 metres above sea level make this an eye-catching paradise.
Fraser Island is World Heritage listed to preserve the magnificent natural environment, but that won’t stop you doing all the fun holiday activities you would normally expect, it just makes sure the backdrop for your holiday snaps is perfect every time.
Amazing Native Flora and Fauna provide tranquil surrounds that can both relax and invigorate you during your stay.
Home to an abundance of Australian Native animals and fascinating vegetation, Fraser Island boasts all manner of land mammals such as Dingos, Lizards, Possums, and Wallabies and that’s just some of them!
The bird life of Fraser Island is also impressive, up to 18 Species of “Birds of Prey” have been sighted on Fraser Island, possibly the largest of these is the White-Bellied Sea Eagle, which can grow to a wingspan of two metres.
Nocturnal birds such as owls and Tawney Frogmouths can occasionally be seen at night, while swooping low to catch prey.
Wading birds are abundant on Fraser Island, with the resident “pied oyster catcher” possibly the most common. Seen normally between August and March, the Eastern Curlew is the largest of the migratory waders that can be found on Fraser Island.

After you’ve finished walking through the rainforest and along the beaches taking all these sights in, you might just have time to explore the water.
The ocean surrounding Fraser Island is home to a variety of animals such as Dolphins, Dugongs, and Turtles, and if you visit Fraser Island between July and November, it’s very likely you’ll get to see migrating Humpback Whales.

We have quite a few pages of information on Fraser Island, so feel free to explore them and get a feel for what you can expect when you visit this part of paradise.


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