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Heron Island

Heron Island Heron Island From the Air

Heron Island is one of the few remaining places where your natural surroundings have a far greater influence on you than the room you sleep in or the restaurant you eat at.

The ability that our natural surroundings have to re-energise us can inspire even the most hardened city dweller and cannot be found just anywhere.

Many an island paradise will claim this special quality but when you look closely at all of Man’s influence in these places, they can sometimes disappoint.

For all of the wonderful quality creature comforts available on Heron Island (and there are plenty) none of them will inspire you to take a little bit deeper breath to enjoy the pure fresh air, or widen your gaze so that you feel the beauty of the view.

These are the wonders that will inspire you and re-invigorate both body and spirit. At Heron Island, you can swim right from the beach to an endless garden of coral teeming with marine life.

This is the true value of a place like Heron Island, which by the way is the only Great Barrier Reef resort located on a true Coral Cay. This means that you are literally surrounded by the reef and all it’s wonders.

This is just one of the reasons that the Heron Island Scuba Diving Sites have become world renowned, click these links to read all about the Legendary Twenty dives of Heron Island.

But you don’t have to be a Scuba Diver to appreciate Heron Island, there are many other natural wonders right on the island itself, such as nesting Turtles and a vast array of Australian Birdlife.

Heron Island lies about 89kms of the coast of Queensland and is actually part of the Great Barrier Reef, your accommodation is literally surrounded by the reef. Heron Island is part of a World Heritage listed area and home to one of Australia’s premier marine research stations.

Having started with a pristine environment, the resort operators have gone to great lengths to ensure the environment and all the wildlife on the island are protected at all costs. Human impact is kept to an absolute minimum by removing all restaurant waste back to Gladstone on the mainland and an accredited recycling plant on the island.

While the natural beauty of Heron Island is truly inspirational, the resort operators also take great pride in their passion for food and service.

Shearwater Restaurant:

Breakfast and lunch at the Shearwater are buffet style on the deck overlooking the Coral Sea. You can enjoy a three-course menu for dinner five days a week with a traditional Aussie BBQ on Tuesday nights and a selection of local seafood as a Buffet on Saturday nights.

Special diets and special requests are catered for as well as Picnic Baskets that can be taken anywhere on the island (just be sure to return any leftovers for proper disposal).

Pandanus Lounge & Baillie's Bar:

The Bar & Lounge are the place to relax with a cold drink at anytime of the day or night.

The complex is designed to make the most of the reef views, with an outdoor terrace, a cocktail bar, entertainment lounge, dance floor and a mezzanine level library area.

Any time is a good time to relax, open from 9.30 am till late.

Wistari Room:

The Wistari Room is an air-conditioned presentation room which is often used to catch up on the news you have missed while enjoying the island, or even sneaking a quick peek of your favourite sporting event.

On occasions, the resort hosts special presentations for guests in the Wistari Room, with Marine Biologists from the Heron Island research station often hosting fascinating marine life and environment discussions.

Sounds great, how do i get to Heron Island?

You can book your Heron Island escape by calling 1300 233 432 or +61 3 9413 6288 for international.

Alternatively you can email for more information and make bookings at

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