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Queensland Weather

Queensland Climate and Weather:

There’s a well used saying in Queensland; “Queensland, Beautiful one day, perfect the next”.
And for the most part, this holds true (much to the annoyance of the other states), but of course there’s no place on earth (that we know of anyway) that’s perfect 365 days of the year.

There are a couple things to be aware of when visiting a Tropical Paradise like Queensland, as far as the weather goes.

Firstly, we get Cyclones here in Queensland and they can interrupt an otherwise fantastic visit to this beautiful part of the world.
Cyclones are also known as Typhoons or Hurricanes in different parts of the world and are characterised by strong (often destructive) winds, they are large in size (up to 300km across) and generally slow moving.

Make no mistake they are extremely dangerous, the good news is we Queenslanders have been dealing with them for a very long time and you will find no shortage of advice and help if you happen to experience a Cyclone.
All coastal centres have Cyclone emergency plans in place and buildings are designed to withstand the gale force winds they generate. Cyclone season is generally the same as the wet season.

The Wet Season occurs mostly in the north and far north of Queensland, Generally speaking, the wet season runs from December to April each year and major flooding is common in low lying areas.
The kids love swimming in the local streets, we even get the occasional Canoe or Kayak sighting during the floods.
We gratefully acknowledge the work done by the staff at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (complete weather information including graphs and much more can be found at their website).
Link to BOM Graphs for all stations:


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