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This article attempts to describe what ANZAC DAY is and what it means to the people of Australia.
Whenever you read about or visit Queensland or Australia, you will hear this term repeatedly, it is arguably the most important day in the calendar for the vast majority of Australians.
ANZAC is an acronym that stands for Australia & New Zealand Army Corps.
ANZAC DAY is the day both Australia and New Zealand take time to remember our fallen soldiers and the service they have rendered to our nations.
The ANZAC Legend:
April 25, 1915 – Gallipoli was the birthplace of the ANZAC legend as soldiers of the first combined Army Corps from both countries landed on the shores of a small cove which later became know as ANZAC Cove.
They were met with fierce resistance from their Turkish counterparts, and what was thought would be a relatively easy battle, turned into an eight month long campaign which became well known for it’s bloody battles and continuous struggle for even the smallest gains in ground.
There are many stories of the courage and skill displayed by those first ANZACs not to mention the cheerful manner with which they met the challenges and hardships that they were to endure.
But one of the most lasting qualities that have travelled down the years since the ANZAC Spirit was born has been the sense of “Mateship” that is still kept very close to the heart by all Australians and New Zealanders.
Mateship can best be described as “picking your mate up and dusting him off when he falls”. Many people have used eloquent words such as camaraderie, honour, selflessness and so on, but when you cut it right down to it’s core, this explanation (for this writer anyway) encapsulates it best.

So from those dark days of suffering and hardship was born the "ANZAC Spirit" of mateship and courage, and today we commemorate their passing with a "Dawn Service" and parades in the streets of most Towns & Cities across Australia and New Zealand.

In this way we not only honour them but hope to keep their spirit alive in the generations to come.


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