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Queensland The Ants Pants

Queensland The Ants Pants
Queensland The Ants Pants
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When you Visit Queensland you'll find out that Queensland is well known for creating “Big” stuff, The Big Banana, The Big Pineapple, The Big Mango, really the list goes on and on and on and on….
But it seems that there may not be enough big things in Queensland at the moment because there are plans to create a Big Meat Ant.

Yes, that’s right The Big Meat Ant, why you ask? Well it appears that the small Queensland town of Augathella, about 750km north of Brisbane is struggling to attract tourists so they are considering creating the oversized Hymenoptera as part of a local park attraction to keep tourists from leaving the town too quickly.

Cr Cecil Russell of the local Murweh Shire Council said “It’d be a focal point I guess, for people to pull up in and try and keep them in Augathella a couple of days longer”. Not sure if this is the right approach to take given the reputation of meat ants. However an assurance from Cr Russell is that the meat ants aren’t as ferocious as the local Green Ants and Bull Ants, comforting words to be sure!

Meat ants being Omnivores will eat pretty much anything humans will eat so may be more of a discouragement than an attraction, although it’s said that they will only swarm if their nest is threatened. Having said all that though, the park will actually provide visitor information and signage as well so it will have an education slant to it with all you ever wanted to know about Meat Ants.

Augathella first became know as the home of the meat ant after the local football team adopted the name The Meat Ants, it seems to have stuck and local ratepayers have been stung to the tune of $100,000 (as well as a similar amount from the Queensland Government) to make the park a reality.

One can only wish the town of Augathella well in this endeavour, but it may be that tourists will need some other reason to stay a night or two in this outback Queensland Ant Haven.

Date: 08/10/2009


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