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New Name Boost for Dinosaur Stampede

New Name Boost for Dinosaur Stampede
New Name Boost for Dinosaur Stampede
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Lark Quarry in western Queensland has long been renowned for it’s dinosaur fossils and imprints of a dinosaur stampede, understood to be the only recorded footprints of such a stampede known to exist on earth.

Dating back a mere 95 million years, this impressive tourist attraction offers an insight into the cretaceous period of early Australia. The problem with a name like Lark Quarry is that people that might be interested in it may not know the name of it to be able to search the internet for information. This makes attracting visitors somewhat more difficult than might otherwise be the case.

So the Marketing team came up with a new name for the tourist attraction that will give it a much better chance of being found by a potential visitor conducting a casual internet search.

The Winton Shire's tourism manager, Craig Templeman, says the re-branded 'The Dinosaur Stampede', should make it much easier to find on the internet.
"On the Google hit lists and websites etc, etc, the higher you can place yourself on that totem pole the better," he said.

"The official geographic title if you like - Lark Quarry - still exists, we'll have to put a reference to it on all our materials, but as far as marketing goes it is just too hard, it doesn't tell you what it really is.

"Our grey market, our grey nomads, they are very clever now, they do their homework and research and go into websites so that is a major market for us.
"Of the European market, our biggest is Germany - they are avid travellers and they are very research-orientated, so we desperately need to get our facts right and have it in an attractive form."

So for casual searchers and Dinosaur enthusiasts alike there is now a much greater chance of finding Lark Quarry and all the fantastic information available on their website using Google.

Michael Palmer

Date: 20/02/2010


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