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Flooded Outback Wonderland

Flooded Outback Wonderland
Flooded Outback Wonderland
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The Flooding experienced in the Queensland Outback over recent weeks has turned the normally barren landscape to one of spectacular beauty.

Flooding that caused so much havoc recently also has a life giving quality that cannot be underestimated and certainly won’t be by the people that live in outback Queensland.

The beauty won't last of course, and might not come again for another 10 years or more, but for a short time the natural beauty of the outback explodes into life.

The normally dusty claypans and dry creek beds are now teeming with plants and wildlife. Fish have returned to the rivers, bringing waterbirds back to the area in their thousands and small mammals will also flourish over the coming weeks and months.

And although the floods will recede and make their way south, their effects will last for months to come, and might even restore some areas to what they were before grazing was established many years ago.

As the soaking rains revive the native food chain, providing wildlife with a sustainable future, they also herald an inevitable influx of tourism which will stretch into possibly the next two years. Many visitors will want to take advantage of this flooding event discover the natural wonders that these floods so rarely bring to Outback Queensland.

Make no mistake, the people of outback Queensland won’t mind a bit either, with a population often as sparse as the land they live on, the locals will be as welcoming as they always are to visitors during these times of plenty.

For the time being, flying is the only way to reach these flood affected areas, indeed even the locals are restricted in their movements due to the flooding of many roads. Soon though, visitors will be able to take trains, coaches and cars to see the spectacular transformation in the outback.

Michael Palmer

Date: 12/03/2010


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