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Secret Speed Cameras Revealed

Mobile Speed Camera
Mobile Speed Camera
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QUEENSLAND'S recently introduced covert speed camera vehicles are being revealed on a Facebook page. ran an article just prior to the start of the Easter long weekend about these secret speed camera vehicles. Perhaps inevitably, the road going public has now begun a concerted effort to try and identify these vehicles.

The facebook page was created a fortnight ago, and is called the Brisbane's Undercover Police Cars page. The page lists several vehicles that users claim they have identified as unmarked or undercover police vehicles.

A number of page users are reporting the vehicles number plates and descriptions, some also believe that the police are engaging in ‘Plate Swapping’ on the vehicles to make it harder for people to detect them.

The group revealed details of a white Holden Rodeo utility as a covert speed camera on April 5th, four days before Queensland Police released details of the vehicle.

Group members also claim a silver VW Golf is being used as a covert camera vehicle in addition to it being used to tackle hoons in west Brisbane.

Creator Hannah Bee, in listing her reasons why she had created the page, said that she does not condone speeding, and she believes it is important to raise awareness of the vehicles in order to get road users to comply with speed limits.

"This group was set up for a couple of reasons, one being my own curiosity as to how many of these cars are in Brisbane, and how easily they are recognisable to road users. Another reason is to raise awareness that these cars are in fact, everywhere. Message here is not to avoid, but not to break the law to start with guys.”

Hannah Bee also likens the use of the page to the radio updates of speed camera locations. "I don't see how starting a group or discussion on the topic is any different from speed camera identification on radio stations."

Queensland Police said they had nothing to fear from the Facebook group, which was reinforcing the "anywhere, anytime" message.

"The Facebook page is effectively co-opting a large number of vehicles across the state as potential covert QPS vehicles," a spokeswoman said. "The QPS welcomes anything that raises awareness of enforcement and encourages drivers to obey road laws."

Debate may continue as to the legitimacy of such police tactics however, as Hannah Bee noted on the page, the lowest Queensland Easter road toll in 60 years is hard to argue with.

Michael Palmer

Photo: Supplied

Date: 17/04/2010


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