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Microsoft Shocker

Microsoft Shocker
Gold Coast Meter Maids shock Microsoft
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Last Tuesday night, Microsoft held its welcoming reception for a tech conference, hiring the Gold Coast Meter Maids to help usher in the attendees.

Later in the week, they proclaimed shock and outrage at the costumes the girls were wearing (which was nothing out of the ordinary for anyone who is familiar with the them), labelling the troupe demeaning to women and not their intention at all.

GOLD Coast Meter Maids boss Roberta Aitchison has responded to the complaints of Microsoft by calling them ‘ridiculous’.

''They (the meter maids) provided glamour to what could have been a very boring event,'' she said.

Oddly enough Roberta claims that Representatives of Microsoft knew exactly what they were getting a week beforehand.

''Microsoft picked the outfits a week before and knew exactly what they would be wearing. Everyone there had a ball and they were telling the meter maids in Surfers Paradise how much fun they had.

''I don't know if it was just a few bitter women (complaining) or what.''

The Meter Maids were dressed in gold bustiers, wet-look hot pants and three-quarter length jackets for the event, she said.

Microsoft is standing by their previous statement and said they apologised to their conference delegates for any offence cause by the Meter Maids.

The micro-blogging site Twitter was hit later in the week with people tweeting from the conference about the 'badly done' stunt.

The conference was held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre throughout last week with all tickets sold out to about 2500 people.

The Meter Maids were hired by Microsoft as part of the welcoming reception on Tuesday night.

The only question from this writer is:- when are the Meter Maids going to get the boys involved in some cute outfits?


Lindy Palmer

Photo: Supplied

Date: 27/08/2010


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Models (read Eye Candy) are regularly employed by tech companies to draw audience to their exhibits and wares at tech shows and conferences. just like any car and boat shows. what's the sudden fuss?



We are becoming too thin skinned, maybe there should have been some guys in Speedo's for the girls? While most European country's embrace the human body and enjoy true human nature it seems Australia wants this illusion of political correctness enforced. If these people worried about the environment and other real life issues instead of Microsoft's meter girls the world may be a better and more friendly place to exist in?


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Well that will teach Microsoft not to hold an event in Queensland again.



They are demeaning to women, women aren't decoration.


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